Monday, September 17, 2012

Running behind

In almost every aspect of my life these days, I feel as though I am running behind. However, in the case of this blog, I am, in fact, behind by 9 blog posts. I am happy to report that I am still, basically, on track with my hikes. A few people have suggested guest writers, and I am considering it, but I fear that their writing will be much better than mine. In the meantime, I wanted to update you all with the fact that I am hiking about twice a month. In fact, I am scheduling another one for this weekend, September 22nd and I welcome anyone who would like to join.

To date, I have completed 18 hikes and have three and a half months to finished 11 hikes. I am a little behind schedule, but the goal is still achievable. I am going to spend a few moments justifying why I have neglected the blog, but you probably already know my stance on the "I am busy" excuse. The truth is that the blog fell down on my list of priorities.

This summer I took (3) classes when I normally take (2) and my free time dwindled. Along with three nights of class a week, I am borderline over-achiever at work, I refuse to totally relinquish my social life and I am now involved with a new man who is allowed to call me his girlfriend.  I really enjoyed the extra summer class that I took, and believe that it was worth the effort. Work is exciting and challenging and I am never board, which makes me want to work harder, do more and be better. Friends are important and having an outlet for fun keeps a person balanced. The new man is Lucas, he's been a friend for years but we've decided to be more and it is working out great, at least I think so. You'll have to ask him what he thinks about it all. Overall, this summer was busy, but bountiful.

This fall I am only taking one class, however, I am sure to find another list of activities to add to my calendar. Either way, the blog is moving back up on the priority list, and I will finish writing the reviews. The next slew of hikes involves an overnight camping excursion, hikes in other states like North Carolina and Colorado as well as many short hikes close to home.

Again, I apologize for the "radio silence" this summer, but fear not, for I have been hiking and I will meet my goal of 27 hikes!

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